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50 Cent Persuades Mo’Nique to Join “BMF” Saison 2 Cast: Exclusive Story!

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How 50 Cent Convinced Mo Nique to Join BMF Saison 2 Cast?
Mo Nique Took Part in Memory of Her Beloved Aunt Vera

On the little screen once more comes Mo’Nique! The second saison of “BMF” episode five, “Moment of Truth,” starring the 55-year-old Oscar winner as Atlanta strip club owner Goldie, premiered on February 3. Even though Goldie only makes an appearance for a little period of time, it’s evident that she’s serious and won’t put up with any crap from anyone, including Leon.

According to Mo’Nique, “When Goldie shows up, either two things will happen: something extremely fantastic will happen or something really not so good will happen.” According to Starz, Goldie eventually strikes up a friendship with Terry “Southwest T” Flenory (Da’Vinchi) and Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory (Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.), facilitating their relocation from Detroit to Atlanta. Given that their initial encounter wasn’t the best, it will be fascinating to watch how that develops.

How 50 Cent Convinced Mo Nique to Join BMF Saison 2 Cast?

Nevertheless, Mo’Nique claims that despite Goldie’s stern exterior, her acts are motivated by love. “She is love, for real. She genuinely is working to improve her town. She may be making a difference in a way that not everyone agrees with, but she sincerely cares about her community “She clarifies. “Is it improper of me to like this character, you nearly wonder when you see his dynamics. Because I’ve been told this is ethically right. But would I start to adore the villain as I get to know them more and see what they’re truly like?”

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After executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson started a public campaign to put the actor “back on top” following years of reportedly being “blackballed” in Hollywood, Mo’Nique became engaged with the Starz series. “Curtis attended a stand-up comedy event I had in Los Angeles. After three weeks, he started posting these messages on his Facebook, and they were so kind and nice “says Mo’Nique. “And when I extended my hand to him, he called. He then uttered, “Hey, Mo. adore what you do. I want to crouch down next to you. Let’s get started. And that’s essentially what it was.”

Despite the fact that Mo’Nique didn’t meet the cast until the first day of production, she was drawn to Goldie the moment she read the screenplay. “I am acquainted with Goldie. That person is someone I am familiar with. I am familiar with the such character from some of the neighborhoods and villages.

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Mo Nique Took Part in Memory of Her Beloved Aunt Vera

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In light of the fact that you have interacted with that persona for essentially your whole [life], “She clarifies. “Then you cobble together this persona using bits and pieces from the neighbors you know. But my Aunt Vera, who is no longer with us, but my Aunt Vera, baby, believe me when I say that she was every bit as beloved in her town as Goldie was. And with regard to certain of her actions, some individuals may have said, “Oh, my goodness.” But Ms. Vera was adored by everybody. So I suppose I could say that I took part of Goldie from her in memory of my Aunt Vera.”

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Mo’Nique says it was “an honor to go on that set… and see them do their thing” after finally meeting Da’Vinchi and Flenory Jr. She also calls out Russell Hornsby and Michole Briana White for being “the glue to ‘BMF,’” who play the Flenory brothers’ parents. Adds Mo’Nique, “It’s not often that you witness the world of two parents, a two-parent household that is battling for their children not to follow that path, but you do see the world of drug dealers. So, in my opinion, “BMF” truly explores how terrible the plot to invade our towns and tear them apart was.”

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On January 18, “BMF” received a formal renewal for a third saison. When we asked Mo’Nique whether she’d be down to return, she teased, “We’re going to just wait and see,” even though no information about the show’s narrative or cast has yet been released.

Saison two of “BMF” premieres on Fridays on Hulu and Starz.